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Hello again~ Do you take any supplement?? If yes/no what do you do to revive your skin so it will look beautiful from the outside?? I have major acne crisis when I'm 14 years old until 20 years. My skin have blemishes, acne, looks oily (you name it..) no matter how much make up I used (frustrating mode). Until for the past 2,3 years I started to take SERIOUS action. I Google beauty products, tips and remedies which are suitable for my skin. Guess what, I'm proud to say people asking me how I have the youthful glowing skin. This is one of my favorite skin remedies. 

Have you noticed most of my home-made remedies are AVOCADO, HONEY, YOGURT and OLIVE OIL?? ;)

Which one are you?

Time for D.I.Y mask. This mask will brighten, moisturize, repair and soothes the skin. 



Avocado has been use for skin and hair as an effective natural barrier from Mr.Sun. It contains high level of Vitamin E and anti oxidants. Great for preventing premature aging and helps to fight against free radicals. It repairs skin cells, heals burns, fades scars and dark spots. Extremely nourishing for the skin and contained high in vitamin K.


Banana Joe- Who watch The Amazing World of Gumball??hehe..

Pack with vitamin C and anti oxidants. Effective for hydrating and brightening skin.


1) Cut a ripe avocado in half with knife. BE VERY VERY VERY VERYYYYYYY CAREFUL.

2) With a teaspoon, scope the insides out.

3) Take the banana, peel it and dice into pieces. like this :)

4) Mash up the avocado and the banana. To simplify things up--> use a Blender

5) For extra moisture, add 2 teaspoons of Olive oil. Blend the ingredients for more homogenous mixture.

6) You will get fine texture like this.

Apply it evenly on your face using a brush or sponge. Let the mask dry for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. 

Got leftovers?? Apply it on your hair :)

You can revive your skin by supply it with lots of vitamin and hydrating it by drink up for more moisturizing effect.

Thank you bubbi

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